What clients say


Bonreach K.
from Cambodia

“I’ve never imagined myself going through counseling until I met Rob. He has changed my perspective on counseling, and always makes me feel at ease whenever I talk to him. 

In the first session I had with Rob, I find him very approachable, kind, and a very good listener. I feel very comfortable sharing my dark side with him despite being our first session and online. Rob has helped me discover myself and helped me heal the inner wound that was hidden in me for so long. I was able to diagnose my feeling on the third session and honestly, I felt completely free from the chain that I tightened myself. Rob even take one step further to prolong our session from 1 hour to another 30 mins, just to guide me and talk to me and make sure I left my session feeling relieved from the pain. 

I am very fortunate to encounter him during my toughest time, and grateful that he is doing a good deed for the world. I am looking forward to discovering another mysterious side of me with Rob.” Bonreach

Sara G.
from Germany

I was coached by Rob for several months. In each session I felt safe and invited to dig deep into the topic I brought and get to the bottom of things. Rob supported and accompanied me with great warmth, kindness, empathy and patience. Even on a bad day I felt immediately energized by his presence and left lighter and with new insights and points to think about further. Throughout our work together I had several breakthroughs which helped me make big jumps in my levels of awareness and development and healing. I also loved the grounding exercise at the beginning of each session. They helped me arrive in the present moment and focus on the session ahead. With Rob I was never afraid to let my emotions come up or jump from topic to topic. Eventually the way forward always became clear, and Rob facilitated this process very well. I never felt judged or pushed in a certain direction, instead I was supported and guided to find my own truths and next steps, something which is of immense value. 

Thank you, Rob, for being such a gentle soul. Anyone who is looking for a safe space to explore, learn and heal, Rob is your coach. 🙂

Ilona S.
from Germany

From the first session with Rob I already felt I was in good hands. He has a very warm, kind and open manner and always takes time to explain concepts carefully. He is very engaged and compassionate and I feel he is very genuinely invested in helping his clients. His sessions have a very good balance of structure and flexibility – he provides suggestions for directions but is able to adapt quickly if a certain topic is pressing or comes up during the session. I really like the connection to the feelings in the body that he encourages and have found the tools he has given me to practice outside of sessions highly useful. Already after just a few sessions I better understand things about myself and how to approach some challenging aspects in a compassionate, constructive manner. I have done a lot of different types of therapy with different practitioners and would put Rob and his methods among the top few.

Jaime A.
from U.K.

I recently had the privilege to work with Rob, a life coach who masterfully utilizes the Compassionate Inquiry approach, as devised by Dr. Gabor Mate. From our first meeting, I found Rob incredibly personable, exuding a calm and approachable style that made me feel instantly comfortable.

His ability to create a welcoming space that encourages profound exploration sets Rob apart. With his guidance, I was able to delve deep into my thoughts and emotions, leading to some powerful insights that have positively impacted my life.

His empathy, understanding, and skillful application of Compassionate Inquiry provided me with valuable insights. Moreover, his manner is not just professional; it’s warmly human, resonating with genuine care and connection.

I highly recommend Rob to anyone seeking a skilled life coach. Whether you’re looking to overcome specific challenges or wish to embark on a path of self-discovery, Rob’s expertise and caring approach will undoubtedly guide you towards meaningful transformation.

Thank you, Rob, for the remarkable experience!

Mark V.
from Slovenia

Working with Rob was an amazing experience. From the moment I started working with him, I noticed that he was the right person for me for therapy. He is super friendly, always knows what to say to make me feel better, and is an extremely good listener. Because of him, I have improved so much mentally and physically. He is an amazing therapist with a lot of knowledge and a big heart. I would highly recommend him as your therapist if you want to work with someone who will get you the results you need and make you feel comfortable and heard.


Jennifer A.
from the Netherlands

Thank you for the sessions, Rob. It was very helpful for me, because I needed to work on these triggers, these parts of myself, like the insecurity, the fear and the reactive anger and the pessimism. They were holding me back from what I wanted to achieve, but more importantly the impact it had on my parenting, getting annoyed with the kids and getting fed-up and feeling trapped. 

I realized I had to be at peace with myself and my surroundings. Especially the body work was a big benefit. Feeling it in the body. Like what we did. Takes it out of the thinking mind. It really makes me feel a lot lighter, and feel at ease and I feel like my body and my brain can finally rest.

I’m actually very grateful. All thanks to your guidance. I can say you definitely helped me through this experience in many ways.

Satie J.
from Germany

“Rob is a very competent therapist. With his guidance and support I was able to work through some challenging life situations.

Rob’s specialisation in Compassionate Enquiry, combined with fine attentiveness, compassion, and great skills in making complicated concepts sound easy, make him an exceptional therapist. Working with him has been transformative, allowing me to confront lifes challenges with more clarity, build up resilience, understanding of some important emotional patterns and further developing self-compassion.”

from U.S.A.

Working with Rob was enlightening in unexpected ways. It always felt organic, and I never felt like I was being steered or fit into a box or checklist. His questions and ability to hold space and allow me to explore always led somewhere more clear and fruitful than when I started, and I’m grateful to have been allowed to just be as I am and work with whatever arises at my own pace.

Melina E.
from Finland

I tend to search for logical explanations for what happens to me, how I feel or how I react. But sometimes this way does not lead to really understand what is going on or to improve the situation. With the CI sessions I have discovered a new world, for example, to locate the feeling in the body and give it space, to allow it to exist instead of omitting it and with that, to feel much better. These emotions can be something from today, but they can also come from the past, and in both cases, Rob has helped me to embrace and accept them. I feel there is still a long way to go, but with just a few sessions the change is clear to me.

Apart from these words, I would add a thank you! For the time and for the help. It’s really a new world for me.


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