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Inviting ENFJs​

Inviting ENFJs

Exploring Authenticity Through
Meaningful Conversations

Exploring Authenticity Through
Meaningful Conversations

Welcome ENFJs!

I’m Rob and I love to start groups with ENFJs where we have deep and meaningful conversations about authenticity. I call this a Authenticity Discovery Circle. A group where we enjoy exploring new perspectives and sharing personal experiences. In which we learn together in a supportive environment. I am looking forward to getting started! You too?


Authenticity Discovery Circles

Meaningful Conversations

Meet fellow ENFJs and engage in meaningful conversations.

Learn Together

Learn from one another and explore interesting topics regarding authenticity.

Supportive Environment

Be part of a non-judgmental space of support, understanding and joy.

How it Works

An Authenticity Discovery Circle is a dedicated group of 6 to 8 ENFJs who come together weekly for 90-minute video calls. These sessions focus on exploring authenticity through deep, meaningful conversations, creating a supportive space for personal growth.

To express interest or ask any questions, you can easily reach out to me via WhatsApp or schedule a free 15-minute video call via the “Reserve your spot” button.

Once you express interest, I will ask about your time zone and preferred meeting times. Based on this information, I form groups, initiate a group chat for introductions, and confirm the weekly meeting time slot.

The special discounted price for access to the first 8 weekly sessions is 95 euros or 105 USD (original price: 150 euros or 165 USD). Payment is required before the first meetup. Upon confirmation of your participation, you’ll receive details on how to make the payment and secure your spot in the group.

Join our Authenticity Discovery Circle

Ready to explore authenticity with fellow ENFJs? Join our Authenticity Discovery Circle! Book your spot for meaningful conversations and personal growth.”