About me

Welcome. I’m Rob, an empathic and professional coach, dedicated to providing Authentic Discovery Circles and 1-on-1 coaching to ENFJs interested in authenticity, emotional growth and improving relationships.

What inspired me to start the Authentic Discovery Circles:

I realized how much I appreciate open-mindedness, supportiveness and positivity in people. Also, I like the topic of authenticity. I am an INFJ and am regularly doing introspection on this topic. And it is something I struggled with at times in my life. When I lost myself too much into helping or pleasing others for example.

My vision for the Circles:

I like it to be in groups where everybody feels welcome and heard, and where people look forward to the next video online meetup, because we are having fun and at the same time are learning together and getting new insights.


Accredited Certifications


Compassionate Inquiry Professional Training
Certified Life Coach (ICF accredited)
NLP Master
NLP Practitioner

CI Professional Training – level 2
CI Professional Training – level 1
CBT Practitioner
Counselling practitioner (advanced)
Certified Life Coach (ICF Accredited)
NLP Master
NLP Practitioner

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